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S2E7: The donut episode: Measures of association

In this episode of Season 2 of SERious Epidemiology, Hailey and Matt record, then re-record due to a technical error (ooops!) a discussion on Chapter 5 on measures of association and measures of effect. We say whether we prefer risks or rates. We talk about the counterfactual, causal contrasts, valid inferences and good comparison groups. We use the phrase “living your best epi life”. And we define the difference between associations and effects. We answer whether smoking cessation programs increase the risk of being hit by a drunk driver (and if so, whether that’s causal). There is a mystery related to a mysterious death in the desert. Matt explains why he almost dropped out of intro epi. Oh and if you are wondering why this is the donut episode, Hailey sent Matt donuts after this episode after realizing (60 minutes in….) that she never pressed ‘record’ and Matt’s wife almost sent them back thinking it was a mistake since she had no idea who they were for.

In the episode we mention two papers:

Identifiability, exchangeability, and epidemiological confounding

S Greenland, JM Robins

International journal of epidemiology 15 (3), 413-419


Confounding in health research

S Greenland, H Morgenstern

Annual review of public health 22 (1), 189-212

S2E6: Chapter 4 – The building blocks of epi with Dr. Liz Stuart

In this episode of Season 2 of SERious Epidemiology, Hailey and Matt go back to chapter 4 of Modern Epidemiology but this time with Dr. Liz Stuart (who may not have trained as an epidemiologist but definitely thinks like an epidemiologist) who has so many insights on what seem like simple concepts. We also get into some of the differences in the way biostatisticians and epidemiologist think about these ideas. And she helps us with some of the disagreements Hailey and I had in the previous episode.

S2E5: Chapter 4 – The great open vs closed population debate

In this episode of Season 2 of SERious Epidemiology, Hailey and Matt dig into chapter 4 of Modern Epidemiology. We focused on the some of the basic building blocks of epidemiology, rates, proportions and prevalence. We found lots to discuss about defining and open and closed populations and the differences (or similarities?) between populations and cohorts. And we debate whether or not this is the “eat your vegetables” chapter. And Matt displays his ignorance of Olympic sports.