Monthly Archives: March 2023

S3E2: Should we try to ensure misclassification is non-differential? Discussing measurement error with Dr. Patrick Bradshaw

In this episode we have a conversation with Patrick Bradshaw about issues related to measurement error, misclassification, and information bias. We ask him to help define and clarify the differences between these concepts. We chat about dependent and differential forms of misclassification and how helpful DAGs can be for identifying these sources of bias. Patrick helps to explain the problem with the over-reliance on non-differential bias producing a bias toward the null and concerns about being “anchored to the null” in epidemiologic analyses. This episode will also serve to provide you with the most up-to-date information from Patrick on his recommendations about excellent new TV shows to stream (Wednesday on Netflix; Wandavision on Disney+). Two thumbs up.

S3E1: Are we measuring what we think we’re measuring?

In the season three premiere Matt and Hailey discuss Chapter 13 in Modern Epidemiology, 4th edition. For the third season of the SERious Epi podcast, we are going to continue our close-reading of the newest version of the Modern Epi textbook. This chapter is focused on measurement error and misclassification. In this episode we discuss issues related to the mis-measurement of exposure, outcome, and covariates. We also debate whether misclassification is just an analytic issue (i.e., putting people into the wrong categories) or an analytic + conceptual issue (i.e., putting people into the wrong categories and having an incorrect definition for those categories). We also talk about measurement error DAGs, why we wish more people use analytic approaches to correct for measurement error, and Matt explains the concept of email bankruptcy.