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S3E7: Are time to event analyses the Space Mountain of epidemiology?

In this episode Matt and Hailey discuss Chapter 22 of the 4th edition of Modern Epidemiology. This is a chapter focused on time to event analyses including core concepts related to time scales, censoring, and understanding rates. We discuss the issues and challenges related to time to event analyses and analytic approaches in this setting including Kaplan Meier, Cox Proportional Hazards, and other types of fancy models that are frequently taught in advanced epi courses (e.g., Weibull, Accelerated Failure Time) but infrequently used in the real-world. The chapter ends with a brief discussion of competing risks. It’s clear that Matt and Hailey need to brush up on concepts related to competing risks and semi-competing risks, and fortunately next month we’ll have an expert join us to answer all of our questions!