S3E9: Feedback loops? Feedback spirals? Disentangling what we know about time-varying exposures.

This episode is focused on Chapter 25 of Modern Epidemiology 4th edition, Causal Inference with Time Varying Exposures. In this episode, Matt and Hailey talk about how we should think about exposures that change over time. We discuss the concept of feedback loops- scenarios where the exposure affects outcome which affects a later time point of exposure and then that exposure affects a later outcome. We think about whether biologic (mechanistic) conceptualizations of feedback loop the same as the epidemiologic notion presented in the chapter. We then follow the chapter to continue our discussion about how time varying exposures change our frameworks for thinking about causal inference and analytic strategies (e.g., marginal structural models, g-formula, and structural mean models).

A historical note about Andrew James Rhodes, whose picture is hanging up in the conference room that Hailey was recording from: